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A late winter storm spared our area yesterday after leaving only a thin coat of snow, although it dumped as much as a foot of the white stuff further North in the New England states. Until spring brings warmer weather and flowers, things look drab around where we live. However, inside the house our two orchid plants have started to bloom, bringing much needed color and lifting our spirit. These are faithful plants that keep blooming year after year, with their flowers lasting several months, well into summer.

So, today I took out my new camera, a Canon 6D with its 24-105mm kit lens, and took a dozen pictures of one of the orchids with its first flowers. The morning sun was the only source of light, and with the ISO at 2000 and as high as 8000, I did not have to use a tripod. The photos turn out much better than the ones I used to take with the Canon 7D, and below is one example. As usual, click on the image to see it in full-size