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Another week, and another coating of snow on the ground. However, inside the house, the orchid plant went on blooming, putting forth new flowers just as pretty as the one I posted last week.

Today I put a 20-year old lens on the Canon 6D. It’s a 100mm F/2.8  macro lens, without any frill like IS or the L designation. Despite all that, it has produced very nice photos throughout the years, like the one shown below, and I will never throw it away. So if you happen to have old lenses lying around, give them another chance and you may save yourself some money.

Again a ray from the morning sun was the only source of light. In order to get better depth of field, I set the aperture at 32 with ISO 200, which forced me to use the tripod.

As usual, click on the image to see it in a larger size.