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This past week I purchased a refurbished 17-40mm f/4L lens from the Canon online store at a fairly good price and with free shipping. So far it has proven to be an excellent lens and the shots I’ve taken with it have turned out well. I will use it a lot on a forthcoming trip to Southern Utah with its many canyons, hoodoos, horseshoe bends, and fantastic scenery in general.

At first I hesitated about buying it, since it is not new. However, people have told me that a refurbished lens from Canon is as good if not better than a brand new one. It would have been repaired, cleaned and adjusted by Canon, if necessary, and should be in top shape. New lenses should also be in top shape, but sometimes they turn out to have some problem, like not being sharp enough until they are sent in for adjustment.

Anyway, down below is a photo taken with the new lens. The orchid of several weeks ago now has all of its flowers opened and is putting on quite a display in our family room.