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Yesterday, after an intense work week in the office, I took a walk around the house to relax and look at the blooming spring flowers. One of my favorites is a Jane Magnolia tree which bears flowers from April until late summer. This one below beckoned for its picture to be taken.


It rained hard last night and early this morning. As soon as the deluge stopped, I went out for another shot at the Jane Magnolia tree growing in our front yard. The early sun light was good and made the colors come alive as you can see below.


Another showy plant is the Kousa dogwood, a native of Asia, of which we only have one specimen since it is difficult to grow this far North.


Unlike other dogwoods, the Kousa bears flowers after its leaves have appeared. Still they can be striking even if they must compete for attention.


This final shot is how they look gathered in groups on the tree branches.


Except for cropping, all of these photos have not been processed or enhanced by any software. To reduce the size of the files, I converted them from raw into jpeg at 50% quality.