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Leaving the Toadstools, we drove toward Kanab, UT and once there, we turned south toward the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. On the way, we stopped at Jacob Lake to buy their cookies which lived up to their fame. They were big, moist, and delicious.

The North Rim only has about 10% of the number of visitors at the South Rim, and it does not have as many amenities, but its scenery is just as impressive. We first went to Bright Angel Point near the main lodge. From there you can see the South Rim, only 10 miles away, and in the distant background the San Francisco Mountains, which have no relation to San Francisco, CA.


After that, we went to Cape Royal Point by a windy road some 20 miles long. Just before getting to our destination, I saw a window in the rocks. Its name is Angel’s Window.


Once at the Cape Royal parking lot, a short path led us to the top of Angel’s Window with a quite colorful view.


Tracing back our steps we went toward the Cape Royal viewpoint and waited for the sunset. That day the sun did not turn on its full splendor. Spoiled by Lower Antelope Canyon that morning, we were hoping for vibrant and lush colors, but it was not to be on that day. The sun did paint the canyon walls with a bright glow about a half hour before it finally disappeared below the horizon.


We then hurried to our car and drove mostly in the dark for three hours before arriving around midnight at our motel in Mt. Carmel, UT.