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We left Blanding, UT in the morning and drove on highway 95 toward Natural Bridges National Monument about 40 miles away. These bridges were not discovered until 1883 and are still relatively isolated. There were not very many visitors and even fewer campers.

One can see all three bridges by driving counterclockwise around the loop beginning shortly after the Visitor Center. The first two bridges require long and rather arduous hikes, so I only took the following photos from their viewpoints.

First, Sipapu bridge.


Next is Kachina bridge.


The three bridges were formed by the force of water erosion, unlike arches that are  carved by wind. However, because of the drought we did not see water under any of the bridges.

Following are two views of the third bridge, Owachomo. The trail from the viewpoint to the base of the bridge is a short and easy hike, with steps for the steepest parts.