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We left Natural Bridges National Monument and continued on highway 95 toward Hanksville and eventually Torrey, UT our destination for the day. State route 95 used to be a dirt road but was finally paved in 1976 and named the Bicentennial Highway. It is one of the most scenic drive we had ever been on. It is well maintained, has little traffic, and traverses beautiful red rock country for about 200 miles.


One sign on the highway said Jacob’s Chair and I pulled over to take a picture of this feature in the landscape. Internet chatter talks about finding ways to reach it, and climb it, but it seems to be rough terrain suited only for 4-wheel drive vehicles and hardy souls.


Here’s another feature, but I don’t know what its name is.


The highway crosses over the eastern part of the Glenn Canyon Recreational Area and Lake Powell. However, the drought over the last several years will disappoint those looking for water. Here’s a shot from the Lake Powell overlook and you can see that the lake is a mere stream on the upper left side of the photo. It used to cover all of the area that is now seen as a dry valley with some green grass patches. Where we live in New Jersey, this month of June is going to be the wettest on record. If only some of that rain could be sent back to Utah.