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A few weeks ago, I made it a point to get up early to go take a photo of the sunrise at the Edwin B Forsythe Wildlife Refuge. I arrived there several minutes late and had a hard time getting set up and start shooting. The first images turned out to be not so good. In desperation I turned around and took the following photo of part of the refuge illuminated by the rising sun. I actually took three shots and combined them into one image using HDR.


Later that day, my wife and I came back to the refuge and while she read a book I photographed the birds around us.

Here’s one of a couple of willets. They are of the sandpiper family, but quite a bit larger than a sandpiper. In the 19th century people used to eat them like chickens, and their population plummeted dangerously. Now they are doing better but are threatened by the loss of their habitats which are marshy areas where they use their long bills to forage for food.


I took this photo a few weeks earlier, but this is also a willet.


Bird in flight (BIF) photos are difficult to take unless one has a lot of patience and the right equipment, namely expensive long zoom lenses. But, I got lucky with this black-hooded gull who flew relatively close by.


If you click on each image, you will see it in full size.