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Today I arrived at the Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge at 6:21 AM. Sunrise was not supposed to happen until 6:38 AM, thus there was enough time to set up and get ready. The sun was not visible on the horizon, but the sky and the clouds had beautiful colors, so I took three shots and later combined them into one with the help of Photomatix, and the following photo is the result.

As usual, click on each image below to see the full size version which has better details.


Although the clouds were converging toward the center of the above photo, the sun actually rose from a spot on the horizon to the right of that. The next photo is of the sun starting to show its bright rays.


Again, this is a HDR combination of three shots (underexposed, normal, overexposed), and by default Photomatix tries to have the foreground displayed in brighter light than it actually was. This next shot, or series of three shots, was taken one or two minutes later.


For this photo, instead of using Photomatix default settings, I chose to make the foreground darker, as it appeared to me at that time.

Which version (top, middle, bottom) do you like better? Please tell me.