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This morning we went to the EFB Wildlife Refuge a little bit before 7 AM. Dawn is when birds start their feeding day and when we can photograph many of their activities.

In the morning’s crispy cold air, I spent nearly an hour taking pictures of egrets, sandpipers, cormorants, ducks, and geese. At one point I was shooting from the window of our car before deciding to get out and use my tripod. No sooner had I set up the tripod that the cormorants and egrets flew up in the sky, cackling and making quite a racket. I thought I was the cause of their fright, but I was wrong.

Suddenly a brown shape swooped in from the sky. I quickly took one shot then more as the bird caught something from the marshes and brought it to a man-made nest. Once it stood in the nest eating its breakfast I realized it was a bald eagle, the first one I had seen at the refuge. Luckily I had managed to snap a picture of it catching a fish. It was an unexpected bonanza and I want to share it with you in the following photos.