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Cranberry is grown in shallow bogs. In the fall, when the berries are ripe and red, the bogs are flooded with water for harvesting. After the harvester machine removes the berries from their vines, they float to the surface of the water. They are then either pumped or pushed toward another machine that loads them into a conveyor belt and from there onto trucks which will transport them to a processing plant. That’s where they are eventually turned into cranberry juice or preserves.

New Jersey is ranked as the third state in the US for growing cranberries. Last weekend I went to a cranberry field to see how they are harvested. Unfortunately, I arrived too late and the workers had already left. However, here are some photos of the bogs with some remaining cranberries still floating on the water.



In the above photo, you can see some of the harvesting machines in the upper right hand corner.



I’ll have to come back next year to witness the whole operation from beginning to end.