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Today is the second time I tried to take photos of Harlequin ducks along the jetty at the Barnegat Lighthouse. Last time, two weeks ago, it was just too cold and windy and I could not get a shot. Today’s temperature was in the 60’s and there was a good amount of sunshine, although the wind forced most people to wear their winter jackets to keep warm.

There are about 11,000 Harlequin ducks on the Atlantic coast, and they are considered endangered compared to the million of their cousins on the Pacific coast. Every winter they migrate from Greenland and Canada to states as far south as Maryland. There is one colony of these ducks at Barnegat, and they were much photographed today.

Here’s a close up of a male that came near to where I was standing.


This next photo shows four males following a single female!


In the next photo, the female was rejecting the advances of one male, creating a lot of splash.


All of this activity happened along the Barnegat Lighthouse jetty pictured below.