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I have blogged before about The Wave, the high point of our June trip. It is such a fantastic place that I feel compelled to now post more images of it. Most of you may never win the Bureau of Land Mangement lottery to go see The Wave, so for you these photos will have to do.

Here’s a typical part of the landscape I saw before reaching The Wave.


From the parking lot, it is about 3.5 miles in, or 7 miles round trip. Once at The Wave, here’s a view from a point above it.


This is how it looks like when you are the bottom of The Wave.


Yet another view from a different perspective.


Finally, a word of caution. This can be a very dangerous place. Two weeks after I went to The Wave, a couple in their seventies perished there when they got lost and succumbed to the heat. A few weeks after that, a young couple also got lost, and the wife, who was only 29, died, perhaps of heat exhaustion, while her husband went to look for help. So, if you go there, be very careful and hire a guide if you are unsure of yourself. The guides not only know their way, but they also have satellite phones they can use to call for help if needed. Cell phones don’t work in most of these areas.