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Too busy at work during the day, I could only go through my files this evening to find something to post. The following is a photo taken at Toroweap on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. This is a place very hard to get to, unless one has a big all-wheel drive truck or van. Even then, the last 3 miles over slickrock and sand is sheer torture on tires and suspension.

Once there, the view is exhilarating and there are places for overnight or weekend camping. It is definitely worth a trip if you like being out in the wilderness with nobody within sight for miles.

I took the following photo from the beginning of a new and small canyon still being carved out of the rocks by nature. Beyond that promontory jutting out from the right is the Colorado River canyon.

New canyon at Toroweap, Grand Canyon North Rim

New canyon at Toroweap, Grand Canyon North Rim