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Snow geese are usually white, with black wing tips. Last weekend as I was looking at the waves of geese landing on Merrill Creek Reservoir, someone shouted: “See those black ones!” I did see two of them flying by, but they were too quick for me to take a shot.

Going back to my files from two years ago, I found the following photo where you can see a snow goose that is not not white. It is grayish brown, a genetic variation or morph, of the species.

Brown snow goose

Brown snow goose

I took this picture at the Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge about this same time of the year in 2012. It was a warm spring-like day with no snow in sight. Now two years later, more snow is coming tonight and tomorrow, on top of the white stuff that is still on the ground, unable to melt away because of the freezing temperatures of the past week.