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For this challenge, I submit the monument to a man who has affected all of our lives: Antoine-Augustin Parmentier a Frenchman who lived from 1737 to 1813.

The potato, a tuber that we now consume throughout the world, was introduced to Europe in 1640. However, it was only fed to animals because it was deemed not fit for humans. It was even rumored to cause leprosy, and the French Parliament at one time forbid its cultivation.

Parmentier spared no effort to persuade the world that the potato is perfectly edible and could indeed be used to stave off widespread famine when other crops failed. He eventually succeeded, and today when “parmentier” is used to describe a dish, it means that it contains potatoes!

I found this monument in his honor in the town of Neuilly, a suburb of Paris.


This statue was in front of the Town Hall (Mairie) of Neuilly.

Town Hall of Neuilly

Town Hall of Neuilly