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The “White Swan” echinacea from last Thursday has grown larger and prettier, as you can see in the following photo.

White Swan, grown up

White Swan, at f/32 and 2 secs

As you probably know, macro photos usually have a very shallow depth of field, especially when the aperture is set wide to produce a nice bokeh background. For the above photo, I tried to make most of the flower as sharp as possible by using an aperture of 32, which violates all kinds of photographic rules. I also had to use a tripod, and the shot took 2 seconds. Are the results worth it? You be the judge.

Here’s another shot at an aperture of 16 and a speed of .5 second.

White Swan, at f/16 and 0.5 sec

White Swan, at f/16 and 0.5 sec

Which of the above two photos do you prefer?

The Shasta daisies also increased their sizes, and these two look like two sisters next to each other.

Shasta Daidy, "Becky"

Shasta Daidy, “Becky”