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By now you have probably noticed that new photos posted on this blog bear a watermark with the words “Photos by Hien.”

I am not a professional photographer and do not make my living off my pictures. However, recently I found out that a tattoo parlor has been using my photo of a spider web as a possible design for their customers who want it tattooed on parts of their bodies! The tattoo store never asked me about it, and if they did, I would have said “no problem.” Still, they should have asked.

Now I’ve decided to put the watermark on all of my future photos to prevent that kind of use without permission. One consequence is that their image quality is no longer what it used to be without watermarks, but that can’t be helped with the software that I use, Photoshop Elements. But, if you like any of my photos and want a personal copy for, say printing, just ask me through a comment or by email, and I will gladly send a high quality image, without the watermark.

Snowy egret and marsh mallow

Snowy egret and marsh mallow