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My submission for this challenge is a photo of a cranberry bog near Chatsworth, NJ where Herb Armstrong, a foreman for the Lee Brothers corporation, had just finished using his harvesting machine to release cranberries and have them float on the water, ready for corralling and pumping into trucks the following day.

Cranberry harvest: a hard day's work

Cranberry harvest: a hard day’s work

Herb is 64 years old this year and has worked in cranberry farming for 34 years, doing every possible job in that field. As I watched him one Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, he was the sole machine operator for miles around. He went back and forth across the bog with his machine, stopping now and then to remove vines entangled in the harvester’s claws. At 5 PM, he climbed off and walked away. I thought he was done for the day and was going to go home. Instead, he went to look at other cranberry fields nearby to see what needed to be done the following day.