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The weather forecast was for a warm and sunny Sunday, but the sun made its appearance for about half an hour at best, and the wind was blowing non-stop at the Barnegat Lighthouse State Park. I went there looking Harlequin ducks and snowy owls. The owls were nowhere to be seen and four Harlequin ducks were too far out on the ocean.

Only Common Eider ducks were in abundance as they now have migrated from their Artic breeding grounds to warmer (for them) climates. They were perhaps 100 ft away from the shore, and the following shot is as close as I could get with my lens. By the way, I did not know the name of these ducks before today, and I had to ask a birder who was observing the ducks at the same time.

Eider ducks

Common Eider ducks. The males are black and white, and the females brownish. These are the largest duck species in the northern hemisphere. 

Turning back from the ocean, I saw the following view of the lighthouse framed by beach grass and scraggly plants. The colors of the bleak sky, lighthouse, plants, and sand complement one another.

Barnegat lighthouse

Barnegat lighthouse