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For this challenge, I am submitting a photo taken in Brigantine, NJ of a beautiful sunset we were lucky to stumble upon. In late November 2011, as we left the beach to drive home, the sky suddenly became ablaze with red, and I raced to the back bay to find a parking spot, set up my tripod and begin shooting.

Sunset over Brigantine, NJ

Sunset over Brigantine, NJ

Some who have viewed other shots of this particular sunset have said that the images were photoshopped. Well, for one thing I don’t have Photoshop on my computer. I used Canon Digital Photo Professional, the free software that came with my camera, to make some minor adjustments: straightening and cropping, increasing color saturation by a notch, and some lens aberration correction. The results are as close to what I remember of the sunset as possible, at least I hope so.