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Two days ago, I again hung out our squirrel-proof feeder after I had rebuilt its inside. For two days no bird showed up! It could have been the result of the storm which dumped 5 inches of snow on us. Or did the birds give up on us and moved away?

Today, at about lunch time, I looked out and all the birds were back, from cardinals to woodpeckers. A squirrel also investigated, but gave up in less than a minute.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker at rebuilt bird feeder

Red-Bellied Woodpecker at rebuilt bird feeder

I know the bird feeder looks “war-ravaged”, but its innards are brand new and work perfectly. After the woodpecker got her seed, she flew to a nearby oak branch to work on it.


Woodpecker on oak branch

Meanwhile, from our yellow magnolia tree, a nuthatch eyed the feeder before flying there for a quick snatch.


Nuthatch aiming for bird feeder