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John Etheridge who blogs marvelously at Book of Bokeh has invited me to participate in the Monochrome Photos Challenge. As you know, I mostly publish color photos and only dabble in monochrome twice in 371 posts. This will be the third time.

The following shot of a Snowy Egret at the Edwin B Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge could be a black and white photo in its original form. The egret was white except for a black bill and black feet, and some yellow around its eyes. The morning sun made the water appear pale blue, almost white. I converted the image to monochrome and it may look better than its color version.

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

To give some color to our drab front yard, I planted pansies in an island right in the middle of it. Unfortunately, the deer found the pansies irresistible and promptly chomped on them and pulled several out. I had to spray deer repellent to keep them away, but the pansy leaves now look blotchy. The following photo is of a flower that is almost intact. Its bright colors are yellow and deep brown, almost black. In monochrome, it is vividly black and white, and I hope you will like it this way.


Pansy: note the small puddle of rain water inside the flower.