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After Paris last month, I never expected another massacre so soon, this time in San Bernardino, CA. One of the victims is a young woman by the name of Tin Nguyen. We are not related and I don’t know her at all, although we both have the same family name, one shared by millions of other Vietnamese.

Wave crashing on beach.

Wave crashing on beach.

While government officials, politicians and the media are slicing and dicing words to put a label on this latest incident, I will not hesitate to say that it was an attack carried out by two Islamic terrorists.  There is no other way to put it. The lives of Tin Nguyen and the thirteen other victims were simply and cruelly cut short for some insane purpose by two fanatical and demonic individuals.

http://projects.sbsun.com/san-bernardino-mass-shooting/ (Scroll down for photos and some information about each victim, including those wounded.)