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Ospreys stay at the refuge from Spring to Fall, making their nests on platforms built for them. Last week I saw a pair at one of the nests which can easily be seen from Wildlife Drive. She was eating half of a fish that he had brought to her. He observed her for a while, then took off flying. He flew around the nest before circling back to her.

Ospreys: male circling back to female still eating half of a fish. She turned to watch him.

Ospreys: he landed on her back.

Ospreys: she held on to her morsel.

Ospreys: almost over.

Ospreys: done, he jumped back on the nest.

All of this love making lasted just a few seconds. In about two months I may be able to have pictures of Osprey chicks at this same nest. Note that the female was banded on one leg.

At another nest, a pair of Ospreys had already finished their breakfast and were just enjoying some down time.