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Today is a rainy day, with up to 2 in (5 cm) of rain to fall all day long. It’s time then to show photos taken on a sunny day last week of an Oystercatcher named T2 and his companion, Lady Hamilton, as dubbed by the locals at Barnegat.

T2 standing on one leg.

T2 walking away.

Beautiful Lady Hamilton follows T2.

They went inside the restricted area of the beach, walked up the dunes and maybe toward their nest. Another blogger on WordPress said that this pair, together now for several years, has not yet managed to produce any offspring, but there could be hope for this year.

Oystercatcher are of national conservation concern, with several thousands living on the shore of Mid Atlantic states like New Jersey.

T2 and Lady Hamilton near their nest?

All these coming and goings under the watchful eye of Barnegat Lighthouse.

Barnegat Lighthouse.