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Along the walkways at Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, I only had to look over the railings to see frogs, turtles, and beautiful wildflowers which added vibrant colors to the green (vegetation) and blackness (water) of the swamp.

(11-Jun-2017: Eliza Waters gave me pointers on the names of the turtles and flowers and I have updated this post accordingly.)

At first I thought this was a rock, but then it moved very slowly. It was a Snapping Turtle.

Snapping Turtle at Great Swamp.

There was another more recognizable Eastern Painted Turtle which only poked its head above the water. It was smaller than the one above.

Box Turtle at Great Swamp.

A handsome Green Frog was basking in the early morning sun.

Green Frog at Great Swamp.

Green Frog at Great Swamp, from another angle. A prince maybe?

A tiny but brilliant Buttercup growing on land at Great Swamp.

Blue Flag Iris at Great Swamp.