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Early this morning I went to Colonial Lake, a small lake about 5 miles (8 km) from home where at least one Bald Eagle has been seen on a daily basis. Not more than 15 minutes after I arrived, an eagle swooped down and plucked a big fish out of the lake. I was not quite ready yet, so my first shot is not the best, but at least you do see the action.

Bald Eagle catching fish.

The eagle took the fish to a high branch on a tree and proceeded to eat it there.

Bald Eagle eating fish.

He ate the whole fish in less than 10 minutes, after which he took off right above me to go for a drink.

Bald Eagle flying toward water.

Bald Eagle drinking lake water.

He had several drinks, looking up each time to check his surroundings.

Balk Eagle looking up after one drink.

Then he shifted position.

Bald Eagle turning.

Bald Eagle after turn.

Then he flew up to a nearby tree, perched on a branch, and looked down on the lake and the other birds there, ignoring the few humans who wandered around along the lake shore.

Bald Eagle.

I think he eventually took a nap for I did not see it move from his perch for almost half an hour.