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In May 2017, I posted photos of an Oystercatcher named T2 because he was banded and the band showed T2. He had been a regular of the beaches at Long Beach Island, and last year he and his mate, Lady Hamilton, had their first brood on the beach at Barnegat Lighthouse State Park after many unsuccessful tries. It was major news for birdwatchers. This year T2 has not been seen and some said he may have died, reason unknown.

Yesterday, I went to Barnegat Lighthouse to see if I could photograph the many birds that usually live there. To my surprise, I saw a couple of Oystercatchers, but there was no T2.

Oystercatcher at Barnegat Light State Park.

The very handsome pair walked back and forth across the sand. After a while one of them prepared to lay down.

Oystercatcher preparing to lay down.

It looked like it was sitting down to incubate. There was a rope and a keep off sign, and I did not want to disturb them so this is as close as I could get with a telephoto lens.

Oystercatcher incubating. Note that their nest was very near the water line at high tide.

The other one stood nearby and took a nap.

Oystercatcher napping.

So T2 and his mate may be gone, but another pair of Oystercatchers have taken their place at Barnegat Lighthouse.

Update 31-Jul-2018: I’ve added two more photos of these Oystercatchers.