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Several female Ruby-throated Hummingbirds come to our feeder each year. I call one of them the Owner because she is very territorial and, whenever she sees another female hummingbird, she dives down from her perch somewhere among the oak branches and chases the intruder away.

Yesterday (yes, they were still around despite what I wrote in a previous post) the hummingbirds kept coming to the feeder throughout the day, probably to fuel up before migrating South. The Owner came to the feeder and stayed there a rather long time.

Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird, aka the Owner.

She went around and sampled each feeding hole.

The Owner gorging herself on nectar.

Then she stayed at the feeder and had a little snooze.

The Owner half asleep.

This went on for several minutes. Finally a rival Ruby-throated Hummingbird began to fly around the feeder.

The Owner at the sight of a rival.

The Owner getting ready to pounce on rival.

The Owner preparing for aerial combat.

The Owner at the top of the feeder hanger facing her rival.

The Owner after rival fled.

The Owner: “You got all that Mr. Photographer?”

The Owner as another rival buzzed by.

The Owner in alert position.

After I stopped taking pictures, she was still at her post for several more minutes before finally flying away.