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This is what the Monarch chrysalis looked like on 20-Sep-2018.

Monarch Chrysalis on 20-Sep-2018.

Three days ago, the butterfly was visible inside.

Monarch Chrysalis on 04-Oct-2018.

Yesterday, I saw no change and did not take a picture. Today I was out of town for most of the day. When I came back in late afternoon, the chrysalis was empty! I removed the empty and dry cover from the underside of our house siding, laid it on a table and took the following pictures.

Cover of empty chrysalis.

Cover of empty chrysalis.

Cover of empty chrysalis.

So, in this case, it took a total of 17 days before the Monarch butterfly emerged, and not 10 to 14 days as written on several Web sites about Monarch butterflies. I am disappointed to have missed the emergence of the butterfly, but I am happy that it did finally emerge, and may be on its Southern migration soon, if not already.

Here’s a photo of a Monarch butterfly, but it’s not the one from the above chrysalis.

Monarch butterfly.