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Fall foliage in the New England states is world renowned for its beautiful colors, and the best place to see them is the Kancamagus Highway (aka the Kanc). That’s 34.5 miles (55 km) of Route 112 in the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire, between the towns of Lincoln and Conway. It is named after Kancamagus (“The Fearless One”), a Native American chief who ruled the area in the 17th century.

Last week, on my way to Acadia National Park, I made a detour there, and now wish I had planned for more time instead of driving so quickly through.

Kancamagus Highway.

Kancamagus Highway.

New England fall colors have the benefit of the vibrant reds of maple trees, in addition to yellows and oranges.

Fall foliage along Kancamagus Highway.

View from Hancock Trailhead on Kancamagus Highway.

View from Hancock Trailhead on Kancamagus Highway.

View from Hancock Trailhead.

There are many hiking trails throughout the area, and 6 campgrounds with well maintained facilities for campers. I stopped at one of the campgrounds for a quick look.

Camping along Kancamagus Highway.


Rocky creek next to Kancamagus Highway.

There are at least four waterfalls along Kancamagus Highway, but I had to skip them for lack of time.

View from Kancamagus Pass.

You can’t find hotels or other commercial facilities along the highway, but for those who do not want to rough it, both Lincoln and Conway have plenty of hotels, resorts, motels, and many places that cater to tourists.

View of street in Lincoln, NH.

A hotel or resort in Lincoln, NH.