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For a couple of hours that day, it didn’t rain after that beautiful sunrise captured earlier. I went for a short hike to South Bubble mountain, one of the two small mountains that are visible from Jordan Pond.

The Bubbles as seen from the South end of Jordan Pond, near the entrance.

The Bubbles from Jordan Pond.

The hike to Bubble Rock on top of South Bubble was short and not too strenuous, even when the ground was not completely dry.

Trees and a boulder seen on the way up to South Bubble mountain.

At the top was a big boulder perched on the mountain rocks, looking like it was ready to tumble down to the road or the gorgeous valley below. Bubble Rock was moved there a long time ago by a glacier that carved out what is now Acadia National Park.

Bubble Rock.

Bubble Rock.

Bubble Rock and visitor.

And here’s the million-dollar view from Bubble Rock.

View from Bubble Rock looking toward Jordan Pond.