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Both Bluebird parents are working hard to bring food back to their babies. They disdain the store bought mealworms I put out, and prefer to catch fresh insects and worms. Still the mealworms disappear, and I suspect the Robins have something to do with it.

Female Bluebird flapping her wings as her mate approached.

He’s flying in!

Each parent with their food package.

She flies first to their nest.

She feeds the babies.

“Don’t worry. Daddy has more food!”

“Come quick, they are still hungry!”

“I’m ready with a nice insect!”

He feeds the babies.

Daddy feeding.

“All done, but they are still asking for more.”

Female Bluebird, with more food.

Wary female Bluebird.

Nearby an American Robin was looking at the Bluebirds.

American Robin eyeing Bluebirds.