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Yesterday was an almost perfect, sunny and dry day. A male Bluebird was perched high on a tree, calling the babies to come out and try flying.

Male Bluebird.

Meanwhile, Mamma Bluebird was still carrying out fecal sacs.

Mamma Bluebird.

Seeing that, I thought it would be several more days until the babies start fledging. Then a young one poked its head out.

Young Bluebird.

It chirped, its parents called, and then it jumped out, landed on the grass with parents in tow. Quickly it flew away with the parents, a beautiful threesome. The only bad thing was that I was caught flat footed and did not have time to take any shot!

After a few minutes, another baby appeared in the birdhouse entry hole. It made plaintive calls asking for food.

Young, hungry Bluebird: “You are not going to let me starve, are you?”

Soon enough, Daddy flew in with a juicy worm.

Daddy with worm and youngster.

Daddy with worm and youngster.

Daddy feeding youngster.

Young, hungry Bluebird, still hungry.

It could have been a different youngster.

Mamma Bluebird flew in with an insect.

“Happy now?”