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When the baby Bluebirds fledged two weeks ago, a storm prevented me from watching them leave their nest and I gave up seeing them again. This past week, I noticed two new birds that were very energetic as they flew around, chased each other, or performed other types of flight acrobatics. I realized that they must be the Eastern Bluebird fledglings who are still living in our backyard. I finally got a good photo of one of them as the fledgling perched on our TV antenna.

Eastern Bluebird fledgling.

It looked darker than its parents, and had spots both on its back and chest.

Meanwhile, the parents still live in the birdhouse and did not mind posing for me.

Male Eastern Bluebird.

Female Eastern Bluebird.

I briefly saw the male bird landing on top of the female bird, but could only get a shot after she threw him off her.

Male (left) and female Eastern Bluebirds.

So there is hope for a second brood of Eastern Bluebirds this year. I read that the first brood may help their parents feed the second brood. As of now, they are still carefree, practicing their dives and swoops along the ground to catch insects.