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The Eastern Bluebird couple is well established near the birdhouse they have adopted for this year. The one they used last year remains empty at the moment, until some other bird moves in. The male still comes to our bay window once in a while to peck at his mirror rival! Otherwise, it is a slow wait until the eggs are hatched and incubation begins.

Male and female Eastern Bluebirds in front of their birdhouse.

Of the two, the male seems to be very active defending their space.

Male Eastern Bluebird standing guard on roof of birdhouse.
Male Eastern Bluebird running toward intruders.
Male Eastern Bluebird: “Shoo!”
Male Eastern Bluebird: “Go away!”

The intruders are other birds that perch on the magnolia branch waiting their turn at the bird feeder. Some are quite handsome, like this House Finch below.

Male House Finch.