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This spring has been marked by rain and cool temperatures, and has thus prolonged the Brood X cicada season. They will live on a few weeks longer so that they can finish their mating activities and make sure, before they die, to give the world another generation in 17 years. I started seeing them in mid May, and as of now they are still singing incessantly during the day, the noise managing to penetrate closed windows and doors. Hopefully, that will end in another two weeks or so.

Our streets are littered with cicada shells and messy carcasses after they’ve been run over by cars. Our walls are sometimes covered with long rows of full-fledged cicadas. Fortunately, they don’t seem to eat any plant as they only spend their time and energy mating. Here are two pictures of them taken yesterday.

Brood X Cicada.
Brood X Cicada with a slightly damaged wing.

Some flowers have thrived, such as the white Bleeding Hearts pictured below.

Bleeding Hearts.
Bleeding Hearts.

In our vegetable garden most seeds have taken longer to sprout, but the tomato plants, bought from a big box store, are flowering and doing well.

Tomato flower.

Finally, a picture of East Point Lighthouse taken from a different perspective. This is how most people will see it as they arrive on site.