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In one more week, summer will be ending. Some birds have already left the refuge but many remain as warm temperatures still prevail and food is abundant in the marshes. Here are some more shots of the Great Blue Heron shown in monochrome yesterday.

Great Blue Heron.
Great Blue Heron landing.

Great and Snowy Egrets, including juveniles born this year are everywhere around the refuge.

Two Great Egrets looking for fish.

A Snowy Egret bristled in warning as a juvenile landed close to it.

Two Snowy Egrets.
The intruder left.
Still not happy.

There was a new bird for me. It was quite far away, but I think it was a Tricolored Heron.

Tricolored Heron on the right, Great Egret on the left.

While scanning the marshes, I saw a brilliant, shiny red spot in the middle of the milkweed. Mating season should be over by now, but two Ladybugs did not get the memo.

Ladybugs mating.