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Since 2014, I have been going to the Lotus Pond in Carnegie Center in Princeton, NJ every summer to photograph its beautiful Lotus flowers and the bees and dragonflies that flew over the pond. Unfortunately, last year all the Lotus plants died or were killed for some unknown reason and the Lotus Pond is no more. It is just a small pond with water but no vegetation growing in or on it.

The photos below show the flowers at their best eight years ago in 2014. I have reprocessed some of them using newer software, while other photos have never been published before.

This is how the Lotus Pond looked at its prime.

Lotus Pond in 2014.
White Lotus with a red one in the background.
Pink Lotus flowers.
Pink Lotus flower.
Red Lotus flower.
White Lotus flower.
White Lotus flower.
Pink Lotus flower.
Bee hovering over white Lotus flower.