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About one mile from Barnegat Lighthouse is a waystation for Monarch butterflies. It is located on the grounds of the Long Beach Island Foundation (LBIF) in the community of Loveladies, NJ.

Yesterday, after a two-hour drive, I arrived there at 9 AM with temperatures still in the low sixties (around 15Β°C) and no Monarch or any other butterfly in sight. I went to the lighthouse and walked for almost two hours before driving back to LBIF. It had warmed up by then and there were Monarchs fluttering around from flower to flower. Monarch migration has begun and will last until October.

Monarch with damaged wing.
Monarch on buddleia (Butterfly Bush) flowers.
Monarch on buddleia (Butterfly Bush) flowers.

As temperatures rose into the eighties, other Monarchs came to the waystation.

Another Monarch with its wings intact.
Monarch butterfly feeding as sunlight shone through it.
Male Monarch with two black dots on its hindwings.
Monarch butterfly, probably a female.