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Less than two months ago, I posted photos of a Great Blue Heron under Fish for Lunch. Today, I saw another Great Blue Heron wading carefully in a pool at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge near Smyrna, DE. I had my camera aimed and focused on it for at least five minutes, but it kept advancing step by step, catching no fish at all.

Great Blue Heron wading in pool at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

Suddenly it turned around.

Great Blue Heron turning toward fish.

The following images perhaps need no narrative.

Great Blue Heron diving after fish.

Caught one! Good size.

Is it going to eat the fish or will it play with it first?

Suddenly, it dipped the fish back into the pool!?

Almost dropped it!

No way it could have dropped the fish!

Fish starting to be swallowed.

Very close to being done.

Almost done!

Done! Can you see where the fish was?