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We had two pawpaw trees with a total of 18 fruit that I told you about in a post six weeks ago. I kept checking on them every few days to make sure they remained on the trees. Ten days ago, one fruit disappeared without a trace. I sprayed the tree leaves with deer repellent, a lot of it, to the point that Jackie, the Golden Retriever, was sneezing constantly as she came close.

A few days later, three more went into oblivion, and one tree had no fruit left. The pawpaws were still green and quite firm, but, to be safe, I cut the 14 remaining fruit off and took them inside.

Green pawpaws freshly harvested.

Our weather has been very warm, perhaps hastening the ripening process. After three days, one fruit became soft and yesterday I cut it in half.

Ripe pawpaw.

It tasted quite good, mildly sweet and soft, almost like eating custard. Next year, I will have to find a way to discourage the deer from eating them. It will be a challenge.