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Readers of this blog know that I am mainly a bird photographer, with infrequent landscape and flower images. Recently I went to Bonnet Island, a newly opened section of the Edwin B Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. The Dorland J. Henderson Memorial Bridge, also called Manahawkin Bay Bridge, linking mainland New Jersey to Long Beach Island goes through Bonnet Island, and it has been undergoing repairs since 2010.

The part of EBF NWR on Bonnet Island, opened since last July, looks underwhelming at this time of the year.

Bench at Bonnet Island.

One of two pavilions at Bonnet Island.

What one sees is mostly weeds and new plantings, all with different variations of the color ochre. There were a few birds or waterfowls, but they were all too far away for my lens, even with the 1.4 extender attached. As soon as I took a picture of the following hawk, it flew away.

Hawk on Bonnet Island, maybe a Red-tailed Hawk.

There were mergansers and ducks swimming in the bay waters, but they appear tiny and blurry in all the images I took. So I turned toward the bridge itself and started photographing it from different angles.

Manahawkin Bay Bridge as seen from Bonnet Island.

West end of Manahawkin Bay Bridge.

East end of Manahawkin Bay Bridge.

Traffic and construction on Manahawkin Bay Bridge.

The town of Manahawkin is a coastal community facing Long Beach Island. Manahawkin comes from a Lenape Native American word meaning “fertile land sloping into the water”.

View of Manahawkin from Bonnet Island.

View of Manahawkin from Bonnet Island.