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The following images, in random order, are what I am seeing this summer with limited travel, too much heat, and more time at home.

Weed flowers at Edwin B Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. If you know the name of this weed, please tell me.

The Eastern Bluebird couple in our backyard is still busy bringing food back for their second brood.

Eastern Bluebird mother and father discussing food situation.

Male Eastern Bluebird perched on bird feeder near birdhouse.

Asclepias Tuberosa or butterfly weed growing in our garden. No Monarch butterfly has appeared yet.

Asclepias Tuberosa growing in the back of our house.

Feamle Ruby-throated Hummingbrid diving toward feeder.

Zucchini flowers in our vegetable garden.

Butternut Squash flower.

Pawpaw (Asimina Triloba) is plentiful this year. We have two trees which give more fruit than we know what to do with. Pawpaw does not ship well, and is not available in grocery stores. It has been described as tasting like a combination of banana and mango. Chilled pawpaw was a favorite dessert of George Washington.

Pawpaw a native American fruit.

Pawpaw fruit.